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Updates Of The Month July.

Hello trusty fans from all around the world here are the updates of July 2020.

Last month, eleven years ago the 'King of Pop', Michael Jackson died on June 25th, 2009.

Summer is started and Michael's music can become louder in the garden and on the terrace, in the evening you can quietly read books in the garden.

Here are the updates:

IMJMR3 In The Mix 32:

The MJMR3 In The Mix is ready to download, In The Mix last for 42:12 minutes with a dimension of 77.2 MB. Click here for the Michael Jackson - In The Mix 32 (MJMR3).

Item of the month:

The Item Of The Month are this time the 'The Michael Jackson Story' unofficial picture disc album that was made exclusively for Michael Jackson fans and was released in 1992 in the UK by POWA Productions.

More info click here.

Remixes of the month:

The 15 remixes, sure worth downloading. We have this month 7 official and 8 unofficial remixes, click here to download. Do not hesitate if you want to request a remix which you can not find on the web.

Record fairs:

Michael fans the time has come for the record fairs again in different country's, which guarantees a very wide range of LPs, singles, CDs and music curiosities, where almost all musical styles are represented. Both passionate collector as ordinary music lover can find their liking and, who knows, really that special bargain tapping the head. Most visitors return all the way home satisfied, and we do it for, uh ... there.
Here are the link of the record fairs.

Do you want to read the news of the last month again go to news archives.

So lots of read and listening pleasure from webmaster Dirk (MJMR3), greetings and until the next updates.

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