Welcome on this Michael Jackson fan site "Billie Jean" which I have designed especially to spoil the fans around whole the world.
My function on this site is as first webmaster, as second I make as DJ MJMR3 regular remixes and a In the mix.

Music has always been important for me; I grow up with music out of the years 80s: but Michael Jackson went home by me as a bomb when I saw him on TV with the number 'Billie Jean' during the Motown 25th Anniversary (1983).
The first album which I had bought was 'Thriller' and on this moment is the collection enlarged to more than 980 items.

What I loved by Michael is his excellence, his perfectionism, his dance, his voice, being as a child, he brings gladness and excitement to the people of whole the world by his music. Michael is really magic.

At the end of 1997 I loosed myself into my idol and decided to go on as Imitator / Look-a-like of MJ after I retired as chairman of the Belgian fan club TMC (The Magical Child), that fan club I had to say goodbye because of a choice in my life, I loved to do it and like you can see now I'm still active with my own website.

I hope you can enjoy of this website. No matter what commentary or suggestions are welcome!

Webmaster DirkA little bit about myself:

Name: Dirk

Nickname: Michael

Born: July 9th, 1966

Residence: Belgium (Limburg)

Constellation: Crawfish

Lucky number: 7

Diploma: Computer scientist

Hobbies: Listening to music of Michael Jackson, dancing.

Dance Styles: I began in 1982 with electric boogie, break-dance, hip hop and at the same time the Michael Jackson dance.

Love: Married 15 years ago with my dear wife Rita.

Children: Two children out of my former marriage: Michel (32 year), Robbie (30 year).

Favourite colour: Black

Favourite cars: Alfa Romeo / Citroën

Favourite animal: Shar-Pei

Favourite food: Potatoes with red cabbage and cutlet.

Favourite artist: Michael Jackson.

Favourite movies: 'Moonwalker', 'ET', 'Rocky', 'Rambo', 'Titanic'..

Favourite book: Moonwalk, Alleen op de wereld (Alone on the world).

MJ fan since: 1982

Favourite song: 'Billie Jean'

Favourite videos: 'The Way You Make Me Feel', 'Bad', 'Thriller', 'Ghosts'.

Favourite album: 'Thriller' (1982)

Favourite MJ event: MJ live in Prague on September 7th 1996 (HIStory World Tour).

Most valued part of my MJ collection: 'Thriller Gold Record (Swiss Award)', 'Bad Gold Record' and 'Multi Platinum Award Thriller 25th'.

Greatest dream: To meet Michael, shake hands and together on the picture, it shall never come true.

I hope that your visit to my site will please you. Turn over all the pages. Feel free to send me an email.

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