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Michael Jackson Rare Videos Part 2 DVD CoverRecently Added To My Collection. 19-04-'21
Michael Jackson Rare Videos Part 2 (Homemade DVD)

Michael Jackson Rare Videos DVD is packed with unseen footage of the pop star in good and poor image quality.

Michael appeared in his life in many places in the world, but most of the images on the DVD are behind the scenes, filmed backstage or in rehearsal.

There are also videos of Michael Jackson & Donald Trump, beautiful images of Michael with Lisa Marie in Disneyland Paris and photoshoots should not be missed on these DVDs.

DVD 1 is a winner of unique images, beginning with the Jackson 5 at the Tournament of Roses Parade video from the year 1974. On DVD 1 you see Michael his friends and fans, Michael goes shopping, Michael at Gerry Inzerillo's wedding and at the last video we see Michael in the studio recording 'Fall Again'.

Disc 1:
1. The Jackson 5 at the Tournament of Roses Parade (01-01-1974) - 0:39
2. Michael arrives at Heathrow Airport - London (26-03-1985) - 0:46
3. Michael wished his sister LaToya good luck for the Yamaha Festival Awards (27-10-1985) - 0:36
4. Michael in Ginza, Tokyo (30-09-1987) - 0:51
5. Trump Taj Mahal Casino Opening (07-04-1990) - 2:20
6. Michael Jackson & Donald Trump visit Ryan White's house (08-04-1990) - 7:35
7. Black Or White - rehearsal (10-1991) - 0:54
8. Michael meets Prince Charles backstage before his second Wembley concert (31-07-1992) - 2:39
9. Michael filmed together with the Romanian policeman, a "Police Walk" video. (01-10-1992) - 2:08
10. Michael paid a visit to a hospital in Washington (18-06-1993) - 9:05
11. Michael singing 'She's Leaving Home' (31-08-1993) - 0:28
12. Michael in his hotel in Singapore (02-09-1993) - 0:35
13. Michael in the balcony listening little kids singing 'Heal The World' to him (Argentina) (08-10-1993) - 0:49
14. Michael arrives in Santiago, Chile (23-10-1993) - 3:44
15. Michael and Lisa Marie visits two children's hospitals in Budapest, Hungary (06-08-1994) - 2:00
16. Michael and Lisa Marie Presley at Euro Disneyland in Paris, France (06-09-1994) - 2:09
17. Michael at Disneyland Paris, France (18-12-1995) - 1:20
18. Michael arrived in London (18-02-1996) - 1:08
19. Michael on a shopping trip in London (18-02-1996) - 0:45
20. Michael Jackson in Disneyland Paris (20-02-1996) - 5:08
21. Michael visits South African President Nelson Mandela in South Africa (20-07-1996) - 2:36
22. Michael visits the stadium of his forthcoming concert and the Bethesda Children's Hospital in Budapest, Hungary (22/23-07-1996) - 1:10
23. Michael visits hospital in Budapest (Hungary) (23-07-1996) - 1:22
24. Michael visits a children's hospital in Praque (06-09-1996) - 2:46
25. Michael visits Auckland, New Zealand (12/13/14-11-1996) - 7:01
26. Michael made an appearance at the Sydney Opera House (17-11-1996) - 5:35
27. NTV Japan Interview (12-1996) - 1:54
28. Michael attends the Japanese premiere of 'Ghosts' (19-12-1996) - 1:04
29. Michael Jackson Goes Shopping in Cape Town (03-10-1997) - 1:46
30. Michael Jackson & Omar Bhatti meeting Nelson Mandela (Cape Town, South Africa (06-10-1997) - 0:39
31. Michael at the wedding of Gerry Inzerillo to Prudence Salomon in Sun City, South Africa (08-10-1997) - 1:21
32. Michael & Kim Dae-jung press conference, South Korea (18-10-1997) - 3:39
33. Michael and President Kim Dae-Jung in The Blue House, Seoul (25-02-1998) - 2:22
34. Miracle on 34th Street (19-12-2000) - 1:09
35. Michael at NASDAQ (30-08-2001) - 8:49
36. Michael Jackson arrives at Heathrow Airport - London (10-06-2002) - 2:11
37. Michael Jackson in Berlin (19-11-2002) - 2:49
38. Michael in Gary Indiana (11-06-2003) - 7:16
39. Roses of Love Project (04-04-2005) - 4:43
40. Michael visits Disneyland Paris (16-06-2006) - 0:36
41. L'uomo Vogue Photoshoot (10-2007) - 8:25
42. Michael Jackson creating his circle moonwalk dance for the first time! (shot 1984 / 07-03-2019) - 1:58
43. Michael Jackson in the studio recording 'Fall Again' (shot in 1999 / 18-06-2019) - 1:59

Unreleased: 18-06-2019
Playing time: 129:30 minutes
Sound: Mono / Stereo

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Source: Billie Jean

Paris Jackson Says She Will 'Always' Be Influenced By Father Michael. 18-04-'21

Paris JacksonSpeaking to the Evening Standard, the singer said that her father's art was always on her mind, even when she herself wasn't making pop music.

"I think he'll always influence everything I do in some way, whether it's subconscious or intentional," she said.

"I was around that creativity all the time, so I'm sure I learnt a lot of what I have from that."

Jackson also discussed growing up on the Neverland Ranch in California, describing how she was "very privileged" but still hard to "earn" treats like toys and rides at the amusement park.

"We were lucky enough to be raised with solid morals. He would be like, 'Oh, you want to go to Toys 'R' Us and get five toys? Great. You need to read five books — and I will test you on those books,'” she recalled.

"It was very clear to us that those rides and the zoo were for underprivileged children – children who were sick and couldn't go to Disneyland. If we were good, and we did our homework and we worked hard throughout the week, maybe we could go at the weekends, but we had to earn it."

Over the years, Paris has rarely spoken about her life with her father, who died in 2009 when she was aged 11.

However, in a recent interview with Naomi Campbell, the 23-year-old revealed that Michael made sure they were "cultured" and "educated".

"We saw everything," she said. "We saw third world countries. We saw every part of the spectrum."

Source: Independent / Billie Jean

Travis Payne and Stacy Walker'Remembering MJ' With Travis Payne & Stacy Walker. 18-04-'21

Travis Payne and Stacy Walker have been busy and kept the fans entertained with multiple dance classes and workshops online during the pandemic.

Last year, they held a series of livestreams for Japanese fans with discussions and interviews with multiple people who worked with Michael Jackson such as Kenny Ortega, Dorian Holley, Michael Prince and many more.

DISCYU CO., LTD, the company who organised this event is back but this time for the European Region!

A series of livestream video hosted by Travis and Stacy will includes over 30 people who worked with Michael Jackson talking about their experience with the 'King of Pop', stories about Michael, his talent, his music, his dance, his concerts, his videos, his movies…. All in with a monthly video.

The launch of 'Remembering MJ' EU session will start on May 1st and at this stage, it is not known how much the tickets will be or the agenda for all the sessions of the series!

For more information click here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Michael JacksonMichael Ranked 2 Out 5 Highest Selling Pop Albums Of All Time. 18-04-'21

If you like Michael Jackson, you love Pop Music! Pop Music has evolved since 1926 when the terms "Popular Music" was introduced to the world.

A lot of controversy came around when Michael Jackson was crowned 'King of Pop' but the figures and data shows that HE IS THE KING OF POP!

And here the proof we needed – the 5 Highest Selling Pop Albums of All Time are:

5. ABBA - 'Gold: Greatest Hits' with 30 Million copies sold since 1992.

4. Madonna - 'The Immaculate Collection' with 30 Million copies sold since 1990

3. Adele'- '21' with 31 Million copies sold since 2011

2. Michael Jackson - 'Bad' with 35 Million copies sold since 1987

1. Michael Jackson - 'Thriller' with 66 Million copes sold since 1982

There is nothing else to say but "Michael Jackson is the 'King of Pop'".

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Billie Jean Single Cover'Billie Jean' song Has Sold Over 2 Million Units In The UK. 18-04-'21

Another important brand for the 'King of Pop' music:

One of Michael Jackson's most memorable songs reaches a major UK brand, 'Billie Jean', recorded 2 million copies marketed on British soil and added another platinum to his collection of certified singles [according to Chart Data].

One of the greatest hits of 'Thriller', the album Jackson released in December 1982 and became the most successful album in the history of music, 'Billie Jean's short film, directed by Steve Barron is considered the video that led to MTV to become one of the most famous channels in the world, in addition to being the first clip by a black artist to be shown on the channel.

Source: MJ Beats / Billie Jean

Hector Barjot Show: The Jackson 5 Programmes Part 1. 17-04-'21


Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

The Jacksons Live (re-issue) (2LP Set) Album CoverRecently Added To My Collection. 17-04-'21
The Jacksons Live (re-issue) [2LP Set]

'The Jacksons Live' album of The Jacksons was reissued in honour of 'The Jacksons Live's 40th Anniversary on March 26th, 2021 in the USA by Epic/Legacy.

'The Jacksons Live' is the fifth and a live album by The Jacksons, recorded during their North American tour in fall 1981, known as the Triumph Tour.

The live double remastered album housed in a gatefold picture sleeve was culled from recordings made in August 1981 on the tour's stops in Buffalo, NY; Providence, RI; Atlanta, GA; and New York City, NY. The live album would go on to sell over two million copies worldwide.

The live show featured songs from the group's Epic catalog, a medley of their Motown hits, and five songs from lead singer Michael's solo album 'Off The Wall'.

All songs produced by The Jacksons.

'The Jacksons LIve' double album was for the first time released on November 11th, 1981 in the USA by Epic and in the United Kingdom in November 1981 by Epic.

Track list:

LP 1:
1. Opening/Can You Feel It - 6:04
2. Things I Do For You - 3:38
3. Off The Wall - 4:00
4. Ben - 3:52

1. Heartbreak Hotel - 4:40
2. She's Out Of My Life - 4:48
3. Movie And Rap, Including Excerpts Of: I Want You Back/Never Can Say Goodbye/Got To Be There - 3:04
4. Medley: I Want You Back / ABC / The Love You Save - 2:55

LP 2:
1. I'll Be There - 3:12
2. Rock With You - 3:59
3. Lovely One - 6:28

1. Working Day And Night - 6:53
2. Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough - 4:22
3. Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) - 8:33

Here below you see the gatefold picture sleeve with The Jacksons live on stage, include inner sleeves with pictures.

Goin' Places Gatefold

Record label: Epic/Legacy
Released: 26-03-2021
Series number: 19439848271
Printed: USA
Guide price: 22 €

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Source: Billie Jean

Cut & Sew Collection From Michael Jackson. 16-04-'21

A new collection has appeared on the official Michael Jackson store the day we were expecting the 'They Don't Care About Us' capsule as promised by the Estate.

But instead, the US gets a new collection called "Cut & Sew" … more "Copy & Paste" in my eyes! So the designer at the Estate in charge of the merchandise just took some pictures, mainly one from the 'Scream' short film set and stuck it on few T-shirts and hoodies. Not to mention that text in different languages from Wikipedia on Sweatpants, Zip-up, T-shirts, hoodies….

If you like a lazy copy/paste design, you can find and buy (price between $40 and $125) on the US store here. But if the quality is as good as the 'HIStory' capsule, not worth your money!

Cut & Sew Collecton
A new collection has appeared on the official Michael Jackson store.

Source: MJ Vibe / michaeljackson.com / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson's Bronze Collection From Neverland On Sale… Again! 14-04-'21

Bronze SculptureIf you recall, in September 2020 we announced that a "fan" who managed to grab a number of bronze statues from Neverland Ranch was selling the all on auction. The auction took place in October 2020.

Well, around 20 of those bronzes are back to buy… in Dubai this time!

It is unclear if those were the unsold items from the October's auction or if they are resold from another owner.

The price tag is now currently at $2.5 million!

The website describe the sale as whole:

Presented before you is a truly unique once-in-a-lifetime collection, suitable for royalty! Michael Jackson, a king himself – the 'King of Pop', knew that and this is why he collected and displayed these pieces of art throughout his famed and magical Neverland Ranch.

All of these items represent Michael's style and exquisite taste. He was particularly fond of bronze sculptures, and a great deal of them are part of this collection.

Featuring twenty-eight pieces of art, it was acquired by a private collector who is now willing to part with it. You have the opportunity to proudly own a piece of history. To experience part of Michael's kingdom, to embellish your home with or even to display the items in an exhibition for everyone to enjoy – your imagination is the limit.

It is a chance to get something truly remarkable! The collection is unlike any other in the world.

This collection is offered in its entirety. Individual pieces are not available for sale.

For more information, click here.

Source: MJ Vibe / Noble Art Lovers / Billie Jean

Further Postponement Of Hearing In The Wade Robson Case Against The Michael Jackson Companies.

After a first postponement in the trial concerning Wade Robson, following the tragic death of the daughter of Jon Steinsapir, lawyer for the estate of Michael Jackson, a new postponement of the hearing has just taken place and this by mutual agreement following the death of Howard Weitzman, the lawyer representing the Estate.

The new trial date is now set for September 20, 2021.

Sources: MJ France / Billie Jean

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