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Michael Jackson PassportMichael Jackson's Passport Application On Auction Again. 17-10-'21

Michael Jackson completed and signed application for lost passport with photos is again for grab. The documents were first seen in auction back in 2018.

Sometime between 1993 and 1994, Michael Jackson lost his passport and had to fill out an application for replacement. Offered is a near completed original form with the four image Polaroid photograph (clearly from 'Ghosts' short film) one submits to have included in the passport.

The information has been filled out including place and date of birth, occupation (Entertainer), mother and father's name, height and the like. Jackson has signed the form in black fine point pen but is undated. The second document is the Statement Regarding Lost or Stolen Passport with none of the information completed.

The documents are back on sale this time on "Moments in Time" Auction house and tagged at $75,000.

Source: MJ Vibe / Moments In Time / Billie Jean

Facebook'Billie Jean' Is Back On Facebook. 16-10-'21

Hello Michael Jackson fans, this fan site "Billie Jean" has been back on Facebook.

After 11 years I decided to pick up the thread again via Facebook. The intention is that the fans can communicate more with me.

Facebook is an American online social media and social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc.

Click here or click in the right column on the image facebook and enjoy!

Source: Billie Jean

Michael Jackson X Halloween Is Back On Spotify. 16-10-'21

The 37-tracks list from the Michael Jackson's Spotify is back for this scary time of the year!

The Spotify track list first appeared on October 2019 and it's back for Halloween 2021 and perfect for any parties with zombies and ghouls!

Click here on Spotify.

Source: Spotify / Billie Jean

Giants MascotTokyo Giants Mascot Ready To Be Michael Jackson. 15-10-'21

As mentioned few days ago, The Estate has teamed up with Japanese Baseball Team Tokyo Giants to produced very limited products.

But this is not it! The Team mascot, the rabbit, is all prepped to performed as Michael Jackson on the last game of the season at the Tokyo Dome.

In conjunction with the launch of the collaboration products, the mascot wearing the same costume than Michael at the game on October 12 at Tokyo Dome and will perform an original dance to Michael Jackson's song.

Dressed with a sort of Michael Jackson 'Dangerous' outfit, the rabbit is ready to kick some MJ moves!

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Calendar 2022 CoverMichael Jackson Official 2022 Calendar Is Released. 15-10-'21

The official Michael Jackson 2022 calendar is released by Danilo.

Michael Jackson was regarded as the 'King of Pop' and sprang onto the music scene with his brothers as the 'Jackson 5.' In the early 1970's Michael also started to develop a solo career and by the end of the decade, he was an established pop artist. To date, Michael Jackson has now sold over 350 million songs worldwide.

Michael Jackson's back catalogue of album and singles brought many awards including Grammys and Brit awards and MJ was one of the most significant figures of the last century. Some of Michael Jackson's popular hits were 'Billie Jean,' 'Beat It' and 'Leave Me Alone.' MJ was also an amazing dancer and his move called the 'Moonwalk' was special to watch. Likewise, his music videos were well thought out and no one can forget the icon 'Thriller' video.

Buy today a Michael Jackson Official 2022 A3 Wall Calendar featuring the classic photos of the 'King of Pop'. This A3 Calendar is a Michael Jackson Poster calendar as well as an opportunity for you to write your 2022 appointments in the date boxes.

Publisher: Danilo
Height: 420 mm
Width: 297 mm
Product code: ?
Guide price: 11 €

Order your official Michael Jackson 2022 calendar at Danilo.

Source: Danilo / Billie Jean

New Trailer For 'Sonic Fantasy'. 14-10-'21

Marcos Cabotá has just posted a new trailer for his documentary 'Sonic Fantasy' on Vimeo.

You can see this video on Vimeo or below.

Source: Vimeo / Billie Jean

'Inside The Mind: Michael Jackson' Documentary On Netflix. 14-10-'21

On November 1st, Netflix will release a 2 part documentary 'Inside The Mind'. The first part is on Freddie Mercury and the second on Michael Jackson.

In this series renowned psychiatrist, Dr Bob Johnson, will explore the incredibly complex and unusual lives of Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. He’ll reveal the forces and experiences that shaped their unique personalities – from childhood traumas and family life to relationships and their music careers, this will be a complete picture of the private men behind the public masks.

Inside The Mind: Michael Jackson' DocumentaryNetflix is at it again with new documentary “Inside the Mind: Michael Jackson.

Black or white? Man or Child? Extrovert or Introvert? Gay or straight? Michael Jackson is a man who leaves so many questions unanswered; his baffling choice of decisions from relationships, marriages, children, spending and drug dependency. So who was this man, and why did he operate in such strange ways with such bizarre consequences? His story is one of the great riddles of popular culture.

In this programme psychiatrist Dr Bob Johnson, will unpick a childhood of abuse, being one of many children, incredible early superstardom, untold riches, accusation and exile, to stitch together the man behind the mask of plastic surgery, misinformation and mystery. What led this man to behave the way he did with children and did he realise how that would lead to his own self-destruction? Did his childhood (and adulthood) as a global star where boundaries never existed, make him believe he was untouchable, or delude him that his own moral compass was in fact right? How did his experiences of childhood shape his own disturbed reality? We go inside the complex and controversial mind of Michael Jackson.

Despite having interviews with some of Michael Jackson collaborators and friends, it seems that this documentary is also based on pure speculations from director Zoran Trajkovic.

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

GiantsMichael Jackson x Tokyo Giants. 11-10-'21

The giants, A Tokyo Baseball Team, announced that it will begin selling merchandise in collaboration with global superstar Michael Jackson and his Estate on the giants online store, from tomorrow.

Michael Jackson performed a total of 25 times at Tokyo dome and its predecessor Korakuen stadium. In addition to logos and silhouettes, each product is designed with Rabbit, The mascot of the team posing like Michael.

In conjunction with the launch of the collaboration products, the mascot will be wearing the same costume than Michael at the game on October 12 at Tokyo Dome and will perform an original dance to Michael Jackson's song.

Sourc: Giants / Billie Jean

Dangerous Tour (Tenerife) (26-09-1993)Today In History: A Sad King Who Made History In Tenerife. 26-09-'93

Michael Jackson presented his Dangerous World Tour at the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, in the Canary Islands at 10pm sharp on September 26th, 1993 where around 44,000 people witnessed what is still known today as the biggest event. musical of all times in the history of the Spanish archipelago.

But unfortunately, not all that glitters is gold: under the Chandler family's false harassment charges, the 'King of Pop' no longer looked — understandably — the same Michael Jackson from the first leg of the tour.

Some of his most famous performances were affected: a 'Jam' in which he "walks" more than dances (which is quite common in shows from '93); 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' and even 'Human Nature' and almost breathlessly performed.

Obviously, we notice these differences now, in the Internet age and with today's awareness; but, at the time, the whole spectacle was the most emotional for the people of Santa Cruz, as the photographer, Nacho Gonzalez, testified:

"As soon as he got off the plane, wearing the mask, he gave me the impression that he was physically weak. But when I saw him on that stage, I was mesmerized by his dance moves and the set design of the show, full of impressive special effects. There he showed how great he is as an artist."

Despite the infamous accusations, the blackmail of unscrupulous characters and the malice that would always leave a shadow on his person, Michael Jackson never stopped in his mission to surprise the world.

More Today In History go to these pages.

Source: MJ Beats / Billie Jean

Kingvention Presents 'Burn This Disco Out'. 07-10-'21

Kingvention, the European Michael Jackson Convention has been put on hold due to COVID-19 but with the social distancing restrictions lifted in the UK, they organised a Michael Jackson Birth Day gathering in Central London back in August 28. Over 100 fans attended the event and danced all night long to Michael Jackson's music kicking some MJ moves on the dance floor!

The event was filmed and here is the highlight of the event 'Burn This Disco Out':


Few days ago, Kingvention teased us announcing that the Michael Jackson Convention will be back in 2022 with a very short teaser video which only gives away that the most anticipated MJ event will be back next year!

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Before The Cursed Child, Michael Wanted To Stage A Harry Potter Musical. 06-10-'21

Harry Potter And The Cursed ChildThe Harry Potter franchise has branched into many forms of media, and one pop icon even wanted to turn it into a musical: Michael Jackson.

Ever since the first installment hit shelves back in 1997, the Harry Potter franchise has been a staple of pop culture. The book series, which follows the titular character as he learns magic at a boarding school for witches and wizards, has spawned many adaptations, spin-offs and theme park attractions. However, there are still a few mediums that the series has yet to tackle. One such medium is the stage musical. While there have been multiple fan-made musicals in the past based on the character, there has yet to be an official music-based play within the growing catalog of Harry Potter media.

As it turns out, there was one celebrity that did have his eye on turning the book series into a musical. During a 2010 interview with Oprah, J.K. Rowling revealed an interesting piece of trivia. After being asked if she was ever reluctant to "increase the empire," the author mentioned that she was once approached by Michael Jackson, who presented her with a rather unusual pitch.

He wanted to develop a musical based on the adventures of Harry Potter. However, she ultimately turned the pitch down, citing her carefulness about saying yes to things, and how she agreed to certain projects, such as 'The Wizarding World of Harry Potter' at Universal Studios, because she knew they would turn out "incredible."

While there are no other details about this hypothetical stage play beyond this interview, it does leave fans to wonder what a musical based around Harry Potter would have been like, especially with Michael Jackson at the helm. Such an undertaking likely could have found plenty of financial success, especially since both the franchise and the music artist were popular, but there could have been many good reasons to be wary of the idea.

For instance, the concept of turning such a popular franchise into a musical could have ended in disaster no matter who was attached to it. It's not an easy task to turn seven books into one feature-length musical without entirely changing the source material. There was also the fact that, despite being one of the most iconic musicians of all time, Michael Jackson did not have prior experience with stage musicals. This is not to say that he couldn't have done a good job with it, but it certainly would've made it harder to pull off. Whether or not this might've influenced the quality of the product, unfortunately, will never be known, but it is interesting to think about what could have been.

Source: CBR / Billie Jean

Thriller Album Cover'Thriller' Album Hits 2.5 Billion Streams On Spotify. 06-10-'21

Michael Jackson's album 'Thriller' hits 2.5 billion streams on Spotify and sets a new milestone for the 'King of Pop'.

'Thriller' album of Michael Jackson is released in the USA by Epic. It will become the most successful album of all time with 7 hit singles, over 110 millions copies sold worldwide, 3 legendaries videos, 8 American Music Awards & 8 Grammy Awards!!!

Even after his death, Michael Jackson remains on the rise. With over 26 million monthly listeners MJ is one of the most popular artists on the platform [17 million followers] — that's more than contemporary artists like Cardi B, Lady Gaga, Sam Smith, Zayn and many others.

Source: Spotify / Billie Jean

Live (Unofficial) [2 LP Set] Album CoverRecently Added To My Collection. 06-10-'21
Live (Unofficial 2LP Album)

'Live' is an unofficial double album of Michael Jackson that was released in June 1988 in Italy.

The quality is good for an bootleg, recording taken from the May 29th, 1988 performance at Stadio Comunale Vittorio Pozzo, Turin, Italy.

Michael wanted to open his first solo European tour in Italy because of his love for arts and history. This was the second night of the European tour. The tour kicked off in Rome just few days before. The setlist was completely different from the first leg of the tour. Two bootlegs on double vinyl called 'Live' and 'My Way' with the recordings of the Italian nights immediately came out and someone was already able to sell them outside the stadiums.

The double album housed in a gatefold picture sleeve, it features a Live '87 Tour picture on the front with MJ in a white shirt. It opens up into a gatefold of Michael performing in a black shirt, with his dancers, from the '87 Tour. The back cover features the song titles (some misspelled with times).

Track list:

1. Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' - 5:15
2. Heartbreak Hotel - 5:45
3. Another Part Of Me - 4:00
4. I Just Can't Stop Loving You - 5:00
5. She's Out Of My Life - 2:50
6. I Want You Back - 2:45

1. I'll Be There - 2:35
2. Rock With You - 5:05
3. Human Nature - 5:35
4. Smooth Criminal - 5:15
5. Dirty Diana - 6:15

1. Beat it - 6:00
2. Billie Jean - 7:00
3. Bad - 7:30
4. Working Day And Night - 5:00

1. Thriller - 5:20
2. The Way You Make Me Feel - 5:10
3. Man In The Mirror - 10:00

Here below you see the gatefold picture sleeve with Michael Jackson live on stage.

Live Gatefold

Record label: ?
Released: 06-1988
Series number: JM 295
Printed: Italy
Guide price: 130 €

Go and see my collection

Source: Billie Jean

Sonic Fantasy'Sonic Fantasy' To Premiere This Month. 05-10-'21

Following our info from September 29, know that Marcos Cabotá has just announced that 'Sonic Fantasy' will be screened for the very first time during the 10th Evolution Mallorca International Film Festival which will take place from October 27 to November 2, 2021 in the Balearic Islands ( Spain).

After few Film Festivals, the documentary will go on TV. It is not clear yet on which channel or platform this will end up.

The documentary 'Sonic Fantasy' will includes many Michael Jackson collaborators and family members such as Brad Buxer, Bruce Swedien, Siedah Garrett, Tarryl Jackson and Toto.

Source: Mallorca International Film Festival / Marcos Cabotá / Billie Jean

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