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Dan Reed Wants To Film Safechuck/Robson Court Cases. 03-04-'20

Thanks to fans who are diligent by examining all court documents, it has been revealed that Dan Reed will be present and even film part of the course cases with Safechuck and Robson against the Michael Jackson Estate.

The court has postponed the cases until June 11 due to Coronavirus COVID-19.

It is also said that some of the footage from 'Leaving Neverland' will be requested in court.

This will be a long journey to the final decision in court…

Safechuck/Robson Court Cases
The court documents show that Reed requested to cover the lawsuits and was granted access with limited film age.

Source: Twitter / TSCM / Billie Jean

Heal The World 2020'Heal The World 2020' Premiere. 03-04-'20

The Michael Jackson Estate will launch a brand new video called 'Heal The World 2020', a reaction to the Coronavirus COVID-19 which is ravaging the world right now.

Here the statement and information from the Michael Jackson Estate:

“We hope that this finds you healthy and safe during these uncertain ties. Feeling connected to a community while physically distancing is one of the most important things that you can do to help navigate the anxiety around coronaVirus. The Estate has created a new 'Heal The World' video specifically focusing on the current world crisis which will be shared on Facebook as a watch party, and wants to make sure that all of you have the opportunity to join and connect with other fans during this time. Michael’s music brings people together in a unique way, and this video watch party will be another way to connect with your fellow fans and feel comforted in this time. For anyone who hasn’t seen it the announcement and a short trailer can be seen on any of Michael’s social media pages (FacebookTwitterInstagram).

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Old Video Of 'King Of Pop' Twirl With Sri Lankan Classical Dancer Goes Viral. 02-04-'20

New Delhi (Sputnik): Twitter is relishing a video in which legendary American singer and dancer Michael Jackson shakes his leg with a Sri Lankan dancer performing India’s classical form, known as Odissi.

Tweeples are going gaga over a video of Sri Lankan dancer Yamuna Sangarasivam, who performed the classical Indian dance Odissi with the 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson in the song 'Black Or White' - a call to celebrate multiple cultures and confront racism. The old video which has garnered 1.4K views is now going viral, leaving social media in awe of the fusion.

Nuanced and coordinated dance movements of both the artists to a western song is a sight to behold. Sangarasivam was fully dressed in classical dance attire and performing the song with grace.


The video was shared on Wednesday (April 1) on the occasion of ‘Utakala Dibas’ foundation day of Odisha – the state from where the dance form Odissi originated. It is the oldest of the eight classical dances of India and is performed for the famous Hindu deity in the State – Jagannath.

Source: Sputnik / Billie Jean

Dan ReedDan Reed Might Be Broke Soon. 01-04-'20

In February, we announced that the distribution company for Dan Reed’s stupid documentary was up for closure, Kew Media Distribution is now trying to recoup some cash by selling their catalogue which includes 'Leaving Neverland' but Dan Reed and producers are claiming Kew hasn’t got the right to the documentary.

Oh boy! This is very messy and we all have a big smile on our faces about it! It’s like watching a live car crash with Dan Reed driving…

“Way before Kew went into administration, we terminated the 'Leaving Neverland' distribution contract for non-payment. They owe us a really significant chunk of money,” Amos Pictures boss Reed said. “We terminated that contract under English law, so I’m flabbergasted that the administrators now consider that that title is theirs to sell.”

He added: “I want to put them on notice that they are not entitled to sell that film. It’s outrageous that having fallen down on their obligations and following a notice of termination, issued in accordance with the law, that they’re still pressing on with pretending they’re entitled to sell the program.”

“We’re a small company and 'Leaving Neverland' is a big title. I’ve gone to considerable personal risk by going up against the Jackson estate. That is not something that you do lightly. I’m not going to let somebody take it away from me.”

Reed said he is also continuing to chase the money he is owed for the sales of 'Leaving Neverland'. “We will get together and if necessary combine with the other creditors to fight and recover as much as possible from the sale of Kew and its assets,” he said.

Hey Dan! That’s what happens: When you make shit, you get crap! Did you not say this was not about the money… clearly it is!

Let’s hope this will be over soon and Reed will be no longer making fictional movies!

Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Tiger King Star Claims Michael Jackson’s Alligators Were Killed In Joe Exotic’s Zoo Fire. 01-04-'20

Tiger KingTiger King star John Finlay has claimed the alligators that perished in Joe Exotic’s zoo fire belonged to Michael Jackson.

The Netflix hit – branded “bonkers” by viewers – tells the story of Exotic, a tiger trader embroiled in a rivalry with animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

Exotic is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence for crimes including trying to hire someone to murder Baskin.

Footage shown in the documentary sees Exotic discussing a blaze at his zoo. He said the animals involved were “boiling alive in a towering inferno”.

Finlay, who was in a relationship with Exotic when Tiger King was filmed, spoke about Jackson’s animals in a new interview for Lights Out with David Wade.

He said: “My favourite animals were the alligators and crocodiles. A previous manager had gotten Michael Jackson’s alligators from the Neverland Ranch.

“We’d got some other ones from friends and stuff. They were the ones I really took care of most of the time.”

According to a 2015 KXII article written after the fire took place, Exotic himself said: “The building can be replaced, the equipment can be replaced, but Michael Jackson’s alligators cannot be replaced.”

Source: The Independent / Billie Jean

Webmaster Dirk
Webmaster Dirk

Updates Of The Month April. 01-04-'20

Hello trusty fans from all around the world here are the updates of April 2020.

It was early 2020:
People had had a long dark winter. February had been a restless month with lots of storms and lots of rain. Nature was restless as if she wanted to tell people something "as if she wanted to warn people somewhere ... and then March came ...

It was March 2020. The streets are empty, most shops are closed, most cars are on the side of the road, people hardly get out and countries around the world are locked, people can't believe that this is happening, it is so unreal ... everyone knows what was going on.

Everyone is quarantined at home for health reasons or prevention.
Some people are no longer allowed to go to work, others have to
Embracing, kissing or shaking hands is suddenly a threat.
Everyone has to keep a good distance from each other, it is horrible.
All sorts of shelves are empty in the supermarket.

The government will help companies and the self-employed to avoid bankruptcy or firing people.
Retired healthcare personnel offer to help themselves in healthcare.
Volunteers come from all over, everyone wants to do something.
At 8 pm people from all over the world clap for doctors, nurses and healthcare personnel who are working hard to keep everything going in healthcare.

The coronavirus is everywhere in the world.

Let's hope on the day of liberation.

Here are the updates:

Item of the month:

The Item Of The Month are this time the 'Michael Jackson Special Double Video Collection' that was released in the UK in 1992 by publisher First Independent.

More info click here.

Remixes of the month:

The 15 remixes, sure worth downloading. We have this month 2 official and 13 unofficial remixes, click here to download. Do not hesitate if you want to request a remix which you can not find on the web.

Record fairs:

Michael fans the time has come for the record fairs again in different country's, which guarantees a very wide range of LP's, singles, CD's and music curiosities, where almost all musical styles are represented. Both passionate collector as ordinary music lover can find their liking and, who knows, really that special bargain tapping the head. Most visitors return all the way home satisfied, and we do it for, uh ... there.
Here are the link of the record fairs.

Do you want to read the news of the last month again go to news archives.

So lots of read and listening pleasure from webmaster Dirk (MJMR3), greetings and until the next updates.

Source: Billie Jean

The Real Michael Jackson Special'The Real Michael Jackson' Documentary On BBC Two. 30-03-'20

Michael Jackson has become an even more controversial figure in death thanks to the release of 2019 documentary, 'Leaving Neverland'.

But a new BBC Two feature called 'The Real Michael Jackson' attempts to look at the life and career of music's most iconic figure in recent decades.

'The Real Michael Jackson' airs on BBC Two at 9pm. The special feature film will be run for 90 minutes.

Featuring guest interviews with the likes of Donny Osmond, J Randy Taraborrelli and Margo Jefferson, the special also features chats with Kevin Smith and Ron Zonen.

The one-off film is directed by Jacques Peretti, who has worked as a investigative journalist as well as being a published author.

Since 2019, the debate about Michael Jackson has intensified, and opinions about how he should be remembered are now more fractured than at any time since his death a decade ago.

In this one-off film, Jacques Peretti - who has spent much of his life analysing Jackson - goes back to Jackson’s beginnings, charting his rise and fall and seeking a fuller picture of this complex, contradictory character by exploring the clues that were missed.

He investigates how Jackson become what he was, whether he manipulated his fame and the entertainment machine to conceal the truth and what the audience’s part was in it all.

The special is a fascinating and thoughtful reappraisal of one of the world’s most famous controversial artists that investigates what the public failed to see - or were willing to ignore.

Source: The Sun / Billie Jean

Hector Presents The Laser Discs Part 2. 30-03-'20

Source: YouTube / Billie Jean

The Magic Of Michael Jackson Book CoverRecently Added To My Collection. 26-03-'20
King Of Pop (Book)

'King Of Pop' book of Michael Jackson was released in the UK on June 4th, 1992 by publisher Jam Books and written through Chris Cardell.


With his stunning music and spectacular concerts, Michael Jackson is without doubt the greatest pop star the world has ever seen.

Michael Jackson KIng Of Pop... tells his entire amazing life story... his early days as a childhood superstar... the triumph of the 'Thriller' and 'Bad' years and the real truth about Michael's weird and wonderful lifestyle. Plus... exclusive material on the 'Dangerous' album and the record breaking Dangerous World Tour.

Packed with 170 stunning photographs, this superb book is the most up to date and comprehensive Michael Jackson biography ever published and gives a fascinating and intimate insight into the undisputed... King of Pop.

On the latest page are the Michael Jackson discography.

Publisher: Jam Books
Author: Chris Cardell
Released: 04-06-1992
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0951931905
Printed: UK
Guide price: 15 €

Go and see my collection

Source: Billie Jean

Michael Jackson Estate Donates $300,000 To Coronavirus Relief Efforts. 25-03-'20

The Estate Of Michael Jackson
The Estate Of Michael Jackson

The Michael Jackson Estate today announced that it is donating $300,000 to coronavirus response efforts to help three communities that have been severely impacted by the Covid 19 virus. Broadway Cares, Three Square Food Bank (Southern Nevada’s largest hunger-relief organization) and MusicCares will each receive a $100,000 donation.

“This virus strikes at the heart of the communities we are close to,” said John Branca and John McClain, co-executors of the Estate of Michael Jackson. “We learned today that the legendary Manu Dibango [a key influence on Jackson’s hit 'Wanna Be Startin' Somethin') passed away from the virus. Other performers and support staff in music and on Broadway are sick or have been left without work and are facing an uncertain future. And in Las Vegas, which has been so welcoming to Michael Jackson, the entire city has been shut down leaving thousands of workers and their families devastated and without an income.

“Michael’s spirit of generosity and helping others during his lifetime is legendary. These donations are inspired by him,” they concluded.

In New York, the Estate is answering the challenge made by more than 20 Broadway producers who are matching up to $1 million in donations, doubling the impact of contributions to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS’ COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund. Jackson loved attending Broadway performances and the Estate and its partner, Lia Vollack Productions, continue to look forward to welcoming audiences to MJ the Musical later this year.

“With every passing day that theaters remain dark, entertainment and performing arts professionals face unprecedented and immediate challenges,” said Tom Viola, executive director Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS. “This incredibly generous donation from the Michael Jackson Estate will help ensure those onstage, backstage and behind the scenes get lifesaving health care, emergency financial assistance and counseling during and after this crisis.”

In Las Vegas, the Estate’s donation will provide 300,000 meals to the needy, and help to maintain Three Square Food Bank’s supplies, the largest foodbank in Southern Nevada. Since opening in February 2013, Michael Jackson ONE, produced by Cirque du Soleil and the Estate of Michael Jackson, has been one of the most popular shows in Vegas. “Before the pandemic, 1 in 8 Southern Nevadans lived in a food-insecure household and that number will increase exponentially with the displacement of thousands of workers in our community. Thank you to the Estate of Michael Jackson for stepping up to help children, families, veterans and senior citizens who may need help now more than ever,” Michelle Beck, Chief Development Officer.

The Recording Academy and MusiCares will support the music makers who Michael Jackson worked with and loved in a time where the industry is being challenged at every level from the virus.

Source: Variety / Billie Jean

Michael Jackson 'Predicted Coronavirus And That's Why He Wore A Facemask'. 25-03-'20

Michael JacksonThe late King of Pop's former bodyguard Matt Fiddes has claimed that the star predicted a coronavirus-like pandemic, which is why he continued to wear a facemask despite being mocked for it.

Michael Jackson 's former bodyguard claims he always wore a facemask because he predicted coronavirus.

The King of Pop, who tragically died in 2009 aged 50, is said to have foreseen a global virus pandemic like the one going on right now.

And his ex-bodyguard Matt Fiddes says that's why he always wore a facemask despite being mocked for it.

Brit Matt, who looked after the singer for a decade, said that while Michael was travelling the globe on tour, he realised that there was potential for a virus like COVID-19 to spread, and therefore took measures to prevent himself from ever catching it.

The 41-year-old told The Sun : "He knew that a natural disaster was always there. He was very aware and would always predict that we could be wiped out at any time. That a germ that could spread.

"So he would go through four countries in one day sometimes and he was on aeroplanes with people all the time."

Matt said he'd jokingly ask Michael not to wear the facemask because he was embarrassed about being pictured with him when he was wearing it.

He added: "He would say, 'Matt I can’t get ill, I can’t let my fans down. I’ve got concerts coming up. I’m on this earth for a reason. I mustn’t damage my voice, I’ve got to stay healthy, I don’t know who I’m going to encounter today, I don’t know what I might pass on'."

Matt says that if Michael were alive today he'd tell people "I told you so".

He also said the star would be frustrated that nobody was listening to him because "people didn't take him seriously".

Matt also insisted that Michael wasn't a germophobe, and simply wanted to protect his voice so that he never disappointed his fans.

The coronavirus pandemic has claimed hundreds of lives in the UK and thousands around the world.

Source: Mirror / Billie Jean

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