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Skywriter (re-issue) CD Album CoverRecently Added To My Collection. 08-08-'20
Skywriter (re-issue) [CD Album]

'Skywriter' CD album of The Jackson 5 was reissued on January 5th, 2010 in the USA by Motown.

'Skywriter' CD album was for the first time released in 1991 in the USA by Motown.

Lead singer Michael's vocals were now showing the signs of his maturing tenor voice, while Jermaine's voice had gotten much deeper in tone. Notably, one of 'Skywriter's' songs, 'Touch' (originally recorded by the Supremes in 1971), features Michael and Jermaine singing about satisfying a woman in the bed. As such, 'Touch' was one of the most controversial singles Michael sung on until his solo career took off again in the 1980s.

All songs produced by Jerry Marcellino & Mel Larson, Freddie Perren & FonceMizell, Deke Richards, Hal Davis, and Sherlie Matthews.

Track list:

1. Skywriter - 3:10
2. Hallelujah Day - 2:43
3. The Boogie Man - 2:58
4. Touch - 3:00
5. Corner Of The Sky - 3:30
6. I Can't Quit Your Love - 3:04
7. Uppermost - 2:30
8. World Of Sunshine - 2:45
9. Ooh, I'd Love To Be With You - 2:45
10. You Made Me What I Am - 2:58

Record label: Motown
Released: 05-01-2010
Series number: B0013867-02
Printed: USA
Guide price: 12 €

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'Rolling Stone' Magazine Ranks 'I Want You Back' As The Best Song Of All Time In The Boy Band Songs Category. 07-08-'20

I Want You Back Single CoverThe 'Rolling Stone' magazine website posted a ranking of the 75 best songs in the Boy Band Songs category on July 24, and Jackson 5's 'I Want You Back' came out on top.

In the presentation of the song, 'Rolling Stone' does not hesitate to affirm that the tour de force of Michael Jackson on this song had established him then practically as a star from the release of the 45 rpm and this thanks to his voice and his qualities. of interpretation.

Note that other Jackson 5 titles appear in this ranking such as 'I'll Be There' ranked 13th and 'ABC' ranked 22nd.

'I Want You Back' originally titled 'I Want To Be Free', and written for Gladys Knight & The Pips. It is the first single of the 'Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5' album, released on October 7th, 1969 in the USA by Motown and in the United Kingdom wasn't until January 16th, 1970 by Tamla Motown.

The song was arranged and produced by The Corporation, a team composed of Motown chief Berry Gordy, Freddie Perren, Alphonzo Mizell and Deke Richards.

Source: MJ France / Billie Jean

Smooth Icons 2020Smooth Icons 2020: Vote For Michael! 05-08-'20

Smooth Radio in the UK is doing a top 100 countdown for all iconic artists. From today they asking you to vote for your favourite artists in our new top 100 countdown: Smooth Icons.

They have selected 100 of the biggest artists on the planet and asked listeners to vote for their favorite with the count down to be aired on Monday, August 31 from 10 am.

Obviously Michael Jackson is in the list and last year winner was George Michael.

So make sure you vote for Michael here.

Source: Smooth Radio / Billie Jean

Loving Neverland'Loving Neverland' A New Fan Documentary. 03-08-'20

Fans have been busy defending Michael Jackson to point down the lies told in Dan Reed's "movie" 'Leaving Neverland'.

For over a year now, fans have created educational videos, blogs, websites to educate the general public about the cases and unveil the inconstancy of the stories of those who are accusing Michael Jackson.

'Square One' by Danny Wu has had a huge impact in telling the truth about the 93 case and is currently #1 on Amazon Prime US. 'Square One' was created with no budget or massive promotion but has managed to open the eyes on the truth for many people.

While fans have been hugely supporting and waiting for Taj Jackson's documentary, the time is pressing as 'Leaving Neverland' was just awarded a BAFTA for best factual documentary (I know this is a joke).

Yesterday (August 2), two fans have announced they have been working on a documentary for months called 'Loving Neverland' and released a trailer for it.

While the trailer does not give much to know the content of the documentary, Nandita Raghav and Deboleena Aich have stated:

'Loving Neverland' is a documentary that makes you aware of the injustices & pain Michael Jackson was put through. Come join us through the journey of the most tortured soul. Step into his shoes and know what it is to be Michael Jackson.

Fan projects like this one are so important and if made nicely, the general public and media will pick it up and the spread of the truth will go further.

It is said that 'Loving Neverland' will be released before Michael Jackson's birthday (August 29).

To be continued…


Source: MJ Vibe / Billie Jean

Official Michael Jackson 2021 Calendar By Browntrout Is Released. 16-02-'20

Calendar 2021 CoverThe famous house Browntrout Publishers, leader in calendars in the United States and in the world released a 2021 calendar for Michael Jackson.

Our square 16-month wall calendars include 13 stunning images and even clearer grids and text. Each of these 12" x 12" calendars features an opening spread with a beautiful four-month (September-December 2020) calendar to plan the last four months of the year and rev up for 2021. Filled with an abundance of holidays, each month's grid is large enough for daily tasks and appointments.

Publisher: Brown Trout
EAN: 9781975418526
Guide price: 13,5 €

Order the Calendar here at Amazon.

Source: Brown Trout / Billie Jean

Webmaster Dirk
Webmaster Dirk

Updates Of The Month August.

Hello trusty fans from all around the world here are the updates of Augus 2020.

In the middle of summer we have less freedom again because of the second wave of the virus. Mouth masks are mandatory and we can only have 5 people in a bubble for a while. Not pleasant but we have to get the virus down.

Here are the updates:

Item of the month:

The Item Of The Month are this time the "PANINI 'HIStory' Trading Cards" that was released in 1996 in France and Belgium.

More info click here.

Remixes of the month:

The 15 remixes, sure worth downloading. We have this month 10 official and 5 unofficial remixes, click here to download. Do not hesitate if you want to request a remix which you can not find on the web.

Record fairs:

Michael fans the time has come for the record fairs again in different country's, which guarantees a very wide range of LPs, singles, CDs and music curiosities, where almost all musical styles are represented. Both passionate collector as ordinary music lover can find their liking and, who knows, really that special bargain tapping the head. Most visitors return all the way home satisfied, and we do it for, uh ... there.
Here are the link of the record fairs.

Do you want to read the news of the last month again go to news archives.

So lots of read and listening pleasure from webmaster Dirk (MJMR3), greetings and until the next updates.

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Stephen King

Stephen King's Forgotten Michael Jackson Movie Explained. 31-07-'20

In 1996, Stephen King, the 'King of Horror', teamed up with Michael Jackson, the 'King of Pop', to create a music video/short film called 'Ghosts'. Of all the people in pop culture for King to work with, Jackson seems kind of out of left field, at least on paper. The two don't exactly seem like they would've run in the same social circles. Yet collaborate they did, at least to an extent. Sadly, they didn't write a book together, although that would probably have been quite interesting too.

Perhaps the weirdest thing about the King and Jackson collaboration is how few people seem to remember it. Perhaps that's due to the same time period in the mid-1990s not being great for Jackson, as he dealt with his first of two very public trials on charges of child molestation, and was basically convicted in the court of public opinion despite being acquitted. While a large portion of Jackson's fanbase stayed loyal, it's impossible to deny that much of the 1990s was spent with Jackson as the butt of jokes related to his odd relationships with children.

That said, Jackson remains an iconic figure in pop culture history, as does King, and the fact that they worked together is worth remembering. Here's a look back at their joint project, 'Ghosts', and how it came about.

As Stephen King would discuss publicly following Michael Jackson's death in 2009, it was the 'King of Pop' that approached the author to work with him on 'Ghosts'. Jackson had a story idea, and wanted King to write it. 'Ghosts' would be both an extended music video for several of Jackson's songs, and a short horror film. Jackson called King to request his participation in 1993, while King was on the set of 'The Stand' miniseries. King agreed, intrigued by writing a musical for the first time. King's pal and frequent collaborator Mick Garris was set to direct. Then, after a few weeks, production was suddenly halted, for reasons King isn't sure of.

Three years later, Jackson got 'Ghosts' moving again, but Garris had to bow out, as he was busy directing King's TV remake of 'The Shining'. Special effects legend Stan Winston took over as director. The music video/short film stars Jackson as a strange character called The Maestro, who the mayor of Normal Valley (also Jackson) wants to run out of town for supposedly doing something untoward with the local children. The Maestro proclaims his innocence, and challenges the mayor to a contest where the first to get scared loses. The mayor ends up running away after The Maestro turns into a demon, which is honestly a bit of an odd way to prove one isn't a threat.

As many have since pointed out, the storyline of 'Ghosts' reads very oddly when one considers its parallels to Jackson's real-life issues with child abuse allegations. For King's part, he says what ultimately became the final product of 'Ghosts' was pretty far from his original script, which makes sense, as King is only given a story credit on the finished film, with Winston and Garris credited for the screenplay. Those curious can check out the full 40-minute version of 'Ghosts' on YouTube.

Source: Screen Rant / Billie Jean

The Genesis Of Thriller'The Genesis Of Thriller - A Michael Jackson Documentary'. 29-07-'20

Damien Shields, an Australian Michael Jackson fan and author of 'Michael Jackson, Songs and Stories from the Vault', has created an audio narrative about Michael Jackson most popular album 'Thriller'.

Re-discover how 'Thriller' was made with stories spoken directly from those who created the songs including interviews from different sources with Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Bruce Swedien, Rod Temperton and many more.

Here what you will hear for 1 hour and 42 minutes:
"Taking listeners inside the recording studio with Michael Jackson and his production team, 'The Genesis of Thriller' tells the story behind the creation of the biggest selling album in music history. Using rarely heard Jackson demo tracks, work tapes and outtakes, combined with archival interviews of those who worked on the album, the documentary is a captivating exploration of what inspired them to create 'Thriller', and the process they went through to bring their extraordinary vision to life."


Source: Damien Shields / Billie Jean

Mexico City 1975 (The Classic Broadcast) [Clear Vinyls - 2LP Set] Album CoverRecently Added To My Collection. 29-07-'20
Mexico City 1975 (The Classic Broadcast) [Clear Vinyls - Unofficial 2LP Set]

'Mexico City 1975' (The Classic Broadcast) is an unofficial double album of The Jackson 5 that was released on May 2nd, 2019 in Europe in clear vinyls under the Parachute Recording Company.

This album has a gatefold picture sleeve with inside a black and white picture of The Jackson 5 concert in Mexico + text and the setlist.

The Jackson 5 were still going under that moniker when their first world tour was beginning in March 1973. It took the best part of three years to complete, culminating in their legendary Mexico City performance in December 1975, broadcast across local and international television at the time, and undertaken around the era that the boys signed to Epic after many years with Motown.

Mexico City 1975 (The Classic Broadcast) [2LP Set] AlbumTheir change of label had also prompted the shortening of the brothers' collective name, and Jermaine quite the group concurrently, hoping to progress with Motown under his solo career; his place was taken by the younger Randy Jackson, who featured at this concert – one of his first as an official band member – keeping the numbers up to quintet levels.

The show itself was a truly dynamic affair as can now be heard on this original broadcast recording, featuring a fine selection of Jackson (and solo-Michael) classics, alongside newer tracks still to receive a studio release on upcoming records.

It was a great show with a lot of dance steps of the five brothers. They were the stars of the evening, especially Michael who was only 16 years old then. He introduced in this show his family and they brought all together these beautiful numbers.

Track lists:

Mexico City 1975 (The Classic Broadcast) [2LP Set] AlbumLP 1:
1. (You Were Made) Especially For Me - 3:24
2. It's Too Late To Change The Time - 2:22
3. Never Can Say Goodbye - 2:11
4. Papa Was A Rolling Stone - 4:07
5. Happy - 4:53

LP 1:
1. I Am Love, Pts I & II - 5:06
2. Randy Jackson Introduces The Band - 3:07
3. Rockin' Robin - 2:09
4. The Life Of The Party - 2:54
5. Forever Came Today - 5:54

LP 2:
1. Music And Me - 2:51
2. Ben - 2:48
3. I'll Be There - 2:02
4. Medley: I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save - 3:47
5. Tito's Guitar Solo - 6:32

LP 2:
1. One Day In Your Life - 4:31
2. Michael Jackson Introduces The Family - 0:55
3. Dancing Machine - 5:44
4. Body Language (Do The Love Dance) - 2:57

Here below you see the gatefold sleeve with inside a black and white picture of The Jackson 5 concert in Mexico + text and the setlist.

Mexico City 1975 Gatefold

Record label: Parachute Recording Company
Released: 02-05-2019
Series number: PARA245LPLTD
Printed: EU
Guide price: 26 €

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Source: Billie Jean

Slash Reveals Why He Felt Bad For Michael Jackson During 'Dangerous' Era. 29-07-'20

SlashSlash has often spoken fondly of his brief early-'90s collaboration with Michael Jackson, when the pair teamed up on the 'King of Pop's' 'Dangerous' album and for a handful of shows on the ensuing tour.

The Guns N' Roses guitarist quickly came to appreciate the professionalism of Jackson and his associates. Even though he was only 26 years old, he didn't take for granted the opportunity to work with a music icon.

"I'd do some shows here and there and it was fun because he was such a pro, and he was such a f---ing talent from on high," Slash recalled in a conversation with Kerrang! "That was the main thing: he was so amazingly musically fluid. Such a treat to be around."

When he was performing, Jackson thrived of course. But offstage presented more challenges.

Jackson had absolute power and control in his own circle, and Slash said it was apparent that the singer struggled with the unnatural dynamics of his personal life.

"Onstage, his whole professional thing was really where he clicked," the guitarist recalled. "When he wasn't working, or in production or whatever, it was then you could see that he was sort of at the mercy of his own success. All the people he had around him, the tugging, and the yes people, you could tell that he knew 90 percent of them were full of shit. I felt sorry for him in that sense."

Seeing Jackson's live production at work was awe-inspiring, Slash continued; it dwarfed Guns N' Roses own big-budget production. But he never got the feeling that Jackson was able to appreciate his accomplishments.

"The only time I really felt like he was in any kind of comfort zone was when he was actually onstage," Slash added.

Source: IHeart Radio / Billie Jean

'Lord Finesse: Motown State Of Mind' (7Singles) Box Set To Include MJ & J5 Is Released. 24-07-'20

Lord Finesse: Motown State Of Mind (7Singles Set) Box Set CoverMotown released a 7" box set named 'Lord Finesse Presents: Motown State Of Mind'.

Motown classics remixed by the legendary golden era Rapper, Hip-Hop Producer, and D.I.T.C. member Lord Finesse.

The box set featuring 7 x 7" singles, one of Michael Jackson and one of The Jackson 5:

Track list:

A1. Michael Jackson - I Wanna Be Where You Are (Underboss Remix) - 3:57
A2. Michael Jackson - I Wanna Be Where You Are
B1. Marvin Gaye - I Want You (Underboss Remix) - 5:23
B2. Marvin Gaye - I Want You
C1. DeBarge - I Like It (Soul Synopsis Mix) - 5:47
C2. DeBarge - I Like It
D1. Switch - There'll Never Be (Solidified Soul Mix) - 3:13
D2. Switch - There'll Never Be
E1. Eddie Kendricks - Body Talk (TBG Mix) - 4:48
E2. Eddie Kendricks - Body Talk
F1. Sisters Love - Now Is The Time (The Mack Revisited Mix) - 3:21
F2. Sisters Love - Now Is The Time (The Mack Revisited Mix) [Instrumental]
G1. Jackson 5 - Tribute Medley (Underboss Remix)
G2. Jackson 5 - Medley: I Want You Back/ABC/The Love You Save - 4:41

Lord Finesse: Motown State Of Mind (7Singles Set) Box Set
'Lord Finesse: Motown State Of Mind' box set including 7 x 7" singles, one of Michael Jackson and one of The Jackson 5.

Record label: Motown
Series number: 0832266
Printed: ?
Guide price: 88,55 €

Order the box set here at Amazon.

Source: Amazon / Billie Jean

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Skywriter (re-issue) [CD Album]
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Mexico City 1975 (The Classic Broadcast) [Clear Vinyls - 2LP Set] Album
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